NSCAA Coaching In the Game 1 Teaching Game Tactics DVD



Features NSCAA Senior Academy Staff member Paul Payne demonstrating the value of the "Coaching in the Game" method. "Coaching in the Game" uses realistic, free-flowing play that makes it easier for players to transfer what they learn in training to match situations. Payne goes over this coaching method in small group play, such as 6 v. 6 and 8 v. 8 situations, and includes information on how to structure conditioned play, a key element to this coaching method. This DVD goes over training midfielders to work together in both attacking and defending situations. Sections on this DVD include: - Warm-up for training - Defensive midfield - Attacking midfield Bonus Material - Shadow training - 3 zone activity - Coaches Roundtable discussion on Coaching In The Game Methodology

  • Learn how to train midfielders


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