International Ordering Policy

Special Notice
The information below pertains only to orders shipped to addresses outside the United States. Our shipping policies are subject to limitations imposed by the carrier or delivery service.

The recipient is responsible for ALL customs fees, including duties, taxes, brokerage fees, and any other fees, assessed at the border before delivery.

What is checkout with Global Shopex? fulfills international orders through a trusted company, Simply add any items you wish to purchase in your shopping cart and choose the ?international checkout? option. The items will automatically be transferred to the GlobalShopex cart for international checkout. You may pay with International credit cards, PayPal, Money Gram, Bank wire transfers, Alipay or other local payment options. GlobalShopex will process your payment and guarantee delivery. Once your order is completed, all inquiries should be directed to GlobalShopex at or 786-391-4868. GlobalShopex Local Numbers:
  • Australia (Sydney) ? Tel: (612) 9037 0252
  • United Kingdom ? Tel: (020) 3371 9380
  • Japan (Tokyo) ? Tel: (3) 4520 9639
  • Spain (Madrid) ? Tel: (91) 829 5114
  • South Africa ? Tel: (27 10) 500-2487
  • Canada (Toronto) ? Tel: (416) 840 5719
  • France (Paris) ? Tel: (01) 7666 0593
  • Mexico (DF) ? Tel: (55) 8525 3179
  • Brazil (Sao Paulo) ? Tel: (11) 3957 0408
  • Peru (Lima) ? Tel: (1) 718 0788
  • Colombia (Bogota) ? Tel: (1) 508 2859
  • Chile (Santiago) ? Tel: (2) 368 0900
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When will I receive my order?

Delivery via international Mail can take 4-6 weeks to arrive; International FedEx will arrive in 1-3 business days. The following in-house processing procedures will postpone the shipping of your order: customizations, back-order, and special-order. Your entire order will be sent in a single shipment.

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What shipping method do you use?

You must select "international" shipping at checkout. Nearly all international shipments are sent via FedEx. We prefer FedEx because they provide insured and traceable service on every shipment.

We might ship via international post if FedEx cannot deliver to your address. Most postal services are neither insured nor traceable, and we cannot be responsible for the loss or damage of these shipments.

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May I ship to a post office box or private box address?

FedEx does not carry to box addresses, so you must provide a physical address for delivery.

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Is any of your merchandise restricted in my country?

All countries regulate the quantities and varieties of items that can be imported. Sports apparel is not generally considered a restricted item, but please check with your local customs agency before ordering. Most of our printed and media items are intended for use by English-speakers. Our VHS tapes are in NTSC format, and our DVDs are formatted for Region 1 use only. You are responsible for obtaining proper permission to receive the items in your order.

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Will I need an import license?

Most countries do not require that you have an import license before receiving small shipments for personal use, but some countries do. Please inquire with your local customs agency for more information. You are responsible for obtaining proper licensure to receive the items in your order.

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Do you charge tax?

We do not charge tax when you check out, but your local customs officials will assess taxes before allowing the item to enter your country. The carrier will usually pay these fees on your behalf and collect them from you at the time of delivery. You are responsible for ALL customs fees, including duties, taxes, brokerage fees, and any other fees, assessed at the border before delivery.

We reserve the right to charge a restocking fee and recover costs billed to us in the event that you refuse an international shipment because of duties and customs charged by your country.

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What does "COD" mean?

When used as a shipping term, COD means collect on delivery. If you see this notation on your shipment, you must pay customs charges before the carrier will deliver your order. The shipping charges are paid when we ship your order to you.

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Will my recipient have to pay customs charges on a gift?

In most cases, yes. We must provide the description and value of all items included in your order. Your local customs officials are responsible for determining the appropriate import fees, and they will usually assess duties on any item shipped in relationship to a business transaction, even if the recipient is receiving the item as a gift.

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May I return an item?

Please contact us before returning an item for an estimate of your return shipping charges. We reserve the right to charge a restocking fee and recover costs billed to us in the event that you return an item. All other standard returns policies apply.

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What should I do if I am missing an item or if I received a defective or incorrect item?

Please accept our apologies if your order was not processed correctly. Just contact us , and we will do our best to correct your order as efficiently as possible. We can usually reimburse reasonable return shipping fees if you need to return an item due to our error.

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Are customs charges refundable?

ALL import charges are non-refundable. These fees are paid to your government revenue organization, so we cannot refund them. Your government revenue organization might refund previously-paid customs charges if you can show proof that you have returned the item. Please contact your government revenue organization for more information. In most cases, you will need to send them the items listed below for consideration of refund. Please do not send these items to us as we are unable to contact your government revenue organization on your behalf.

    • official customs refund request form
    • proof that you received the item (receipt from FedEx)
    • proof that you paid the customs charges (cancelled check, cash receipt, or banking statement)
    • proof that you returned the item (receipt for shipping the item back to us)


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What else should I know about your international delivery policies?

Please visit these related pages for more information: shipping , rates , returns .

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Do you have a page where I can wade through complex US legal jargon?

No business is complete without one. Just take a look at our terms and conditions for all the fine print you can handle.

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